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Spring of 2019 Drexel Hill Pediatric Associates is moving to:  400 South State Road, Suite 210, Springfield, PA 19064

Which is in the Marple Crossroads Shopping Center.  Our office will be located behind the Walmart.

Link to Map here

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Our Annual Fun Flu Clinic will be Saturday, September 29., 2018.  You can self schedule from the Patient Portal or call our office.


Drexel Hill Pediatric Associates Relocation Survey

We want to hear from you about our target location for our new office.  Complete paper survey in our office or click on the link below to share your feedback.

Link to survey here

We will be MOVING (relocating) around March/April of 2019. 

The Drexeline Shopping Center plans to redevelope and rebuild the space we are in now. 

Currently we are looking at spaces and working on contracts 2 to 3 miles away. 

We hope to finalize our new location soon and share it with all of you. 

Please keep checking this website and our Facebook page for updates.



New Video added to our "Ask The Nurse" Tab 

How Much SLeep Does Your Child Need - From the American Academy of Pediatrics

Starting October 2017

Saturday Walk-In Hour 9:00 - 10:00 am

No need to call for an appointment - Just show up - first come first served - Arrive by 10 am to be sure to be seen

Protecting our patient through parent/guardian vaccination 

enlightened  We now offer parent/guardian the Flu vaccination  enlightened

This is on a cash basis (cash, check or credit card)  

Ask our staff for more information


yes SAVE THE DATE:  Annual Fun Flu Clinic will be Saturday, September 23, 2017yes

The Flu clinic date is added to the patient portal where you can self schedule your flu clinic appointment!

Click here to see our 2017 flyer

With our theme "Read Every Day" feel free to bring in and donate your old books on this date!!

New Vaccination Requirements for ALL schools in Pennsylvania starting 8/1/17 - Prepare now! Schools previously allowed an 8-month grace period entering certain grades, but this coming school year you'll have ONLY 5 DAYS to get up-to-date or you child will be excluded from school.

If your child is behind, you will be REQUIRED to complete a "medical plan" red and white card provided by the school, approved and signed by your pediatrician, within the first 5 days of school (essentially a vaccine catch-up plan).

See the flyer below and please check your child's/children's portal to see if you are up to date on the required vaccines.

(Still not on the patient portal? Set up your account today to see and print your child's vaccine history, growth charts, lab results, visit summaries, as well as place appointment requests and medication refill requests without having to be on hold on the phone.)

Click here for flyer from the Pennsylvania Department of Health



Free dental care for Delco Kids!  Call 215-563-5848 x32 during "Give Kids a Smile" week over spring break April 10-14, 2017.  See flyer here:

Congratulations Dr. Alison Rubin for completing your certification as a Lactation Consultant! 

You can schedule with Dr. Soppas or Dr. Rubin for lactation/feeding visits.

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Visit our Facebook page for photos from our office as well as resources for things like "Child Safety Seats" and "How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election Results". 

DHPA Facebook Page

June 2016 Much tragedy has been making headlines.  An article is on our Facebook page to help with discussing tragedy and loss with our children.   Visit our Facebook page or see article here:  click to link to Clild Development Institute article

April/May 2016  New Floors are being installed in our treatment rooms!! See our Facebook page for a photo and more details!


Congratulations Drexel Hill Pediatric Associates for being recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home!!

See our Patient Centered Medical Home tab for more details.

February 2015: The American Academy of Pediatrics published a statement

addressing the recent Measles Outbreak

and reccommends vaccinating against Measles. 

*Click Here to read the statement*


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In the news September 2014 "Enterovirus"

Do I have it?  What to Know about Hedline-Grabbing Virus:

Click here for NBC News article

Here is information from Dr. Kostelnik on what you need to know about the Enterovirus:

There are a lot of news stories about the virus infecting children around the country and causing hospitalizations for breathing problems.  What do you need to know?

Enterovirus D68 is a virus relatively similar to another virus called Rhinovirus that causes the common cold. Like other cold viruses, we cannot test for this virus in our office.  Symptoms can start with fever, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, and cough but can become more serious, especially in children with previous asthma or other lung disorders. 

There is no vaccine against or treatment for enterovirus infections, so the disease needs to run its course.  With this virus and any other respiratory infection, anyone who develops serious symptoms like wheezing or difficulty breathing should call our office for further assistance. 

To help protect your kids and yourself from enterovirus, encourage washing hands well and often.

As with all illnesses parents should encourage fluids to keep your kids hydrated.

This infection is not a new or particularly dangerous disease but can cause problems for kids with conditions such as asthma.



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Bright Futures Activity Book (Coloring Book) from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Click on book to download:


Family Advisors - Click for More Info

Community Events:

Camp Kesem at the University of Pennsylvania. 

("Our mission is to provide kids whose parents have or have had cancer with an overnight summer camp experience that gives them a chance to be kids.")

For information please see flyer:


Health Alerts:

 See the "Ask The Nurse" section for updated Acetaminophen dosing ("treating fever in children")

See the "links" section for recalls

Car safety seats and transportation safety:





Pediatric News:

Parents: Protect your baby by being vaccinated
with the adult Pertussis Booster.




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October 2010 Our waiting rooms underwent a makeover. 

Watch the "Accent Health" video clip:


See the attached flyer below for details:

Waiting room makeover flyer.