All users must create an account.  Any user who tried to create an account prior to 2011 must start over. 

Reminder:  a Drexel Hill Pediatric Assoc staff member must enter an email address on your childs electronic chart to allow you to access immunizations and other information on that child. 


How to use Help How to use Help

If your child is already a patient of our practice and you received an email about our recent website conversion

Follow the instructions on the Creating an Account help page.  It is critical that when creating your account, you use the email address to which the conversion notification was sent.  This is because the email address you use when creating your account is compared to the email address which is on file for you with the practice to verify your identity.

If your child is already a patient and you did not receive an email about the recent website conversion

This means that your email address was not on file with the practice.  You can create a portal account using any email address, however, you will not be able to see your childs medical records online until after you have informed the practice about your new email address.  This is a security feature designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your child's medical records.

If you are new to the practice

Follow the instructions on the Creating an Account help page.  Next, call the office at (610)623-9080 X 131 for further assistance. 

If you are able to access your patients in the "Online Patient Services" section, but have questions about how this part of the site works

Check out the Using Online Patient Services help page.

If you have followed the steps above but are having problems

Check out the Troubleshooting page.